Echos of the Storm

In ECHOES OF THE STORM, Dash Gallagher, Galveston’s first lady attorney, has seen plenty of bodies wash up on the beach since the great hurricane of 1900 a few months before, but none of the bodies were like this one. The dead woman, Larisa, lived such a scandalous life, that no one cares that she was murdered, not even her family. The family cares only about getting back a mystical box and hired Barker, a private detective to find it.

Dash has to find the murderer and clear her own name before the scandals surrounding the dead woman tarnish her name to the point that she loses her business and even the daughters she is trying to adopt. As she investigates, she finds Larisa’s family is powerful and evil. Was Larisa any better or did? Or did she use all the men in her life until one had enough and killed her?

Dash must move from a past washed away in the hurricane tide and toward a future filled with danger.

ECHOES OF THE STORM is the first book in the GALVESTON HURRICANE series 

 “A historical mystery with a touch of the paranormal.”

Oct 31st by Harold