About GFP

Gone Feral Publishing is a few people who glue macaroni on things.

Gone Feral is a publisher of primarily Texas authors, writing fiction and nonfiction.  We realize that inside most readers, is a great author just waiting for the encouragement to come out, and consider this your call to write.  Our website features information to help writers, with a focus on plots.  Our initial offerings are in the mystery and historical fiction genres.  Our mystery novels are available in trade paperback and in all eBook formats (Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, ViewSonic, Aluratek Libre, iPhone, and Droid).

Check back often to see what our newest mystery novel, biography, or self-help book is, as well as for tips and tricks on writing, the writers life, advice for living,  contests, and free downloads.

We love book clubs and reading groups.  We know your fascination with our stories will propel our books to becoming bestsellers.  Contact us, whether you are a reader, a writer, a mystery guild, or a reading club.